Where tradition meets future

Holtmann is an integrated service provider for exhibitions and events with decades of experience and a strong focus on our clients. We listen closely to our clients and create unique experiences.

We are experienced

In 1950, Holtmann Messen & Events was established as a woodworking and carpentry company in Langenhagen near Hanover in Germany. We started applying our expert craft in the area of exhibition construction in the 1960s. Right from the beginning, we were able to shape the exhibition construction landscape internationally. We worked on various global projects in Frankfurt, Berlin, Nuremberg, Milan, Paris, Moscow, London, Shanghai and Dubai. Furthermore, Claus Holtmann was chairman of the FAMAB – the German association of the communication sector.

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We are different

Our clients are what drives us. It’s customer-first from start to finish. For each and every one of our projects, consulting on equal footing is our most important concern. When all contracts are signed, our clients get their own dedicated contact person who will support them throughout the project with expertise and passion. Each project we handle is a unique experience, we have no use for cookie-cutter solutions. It is our goal to make our clients so happy, that they will come back time and time again and a longterm partnership is formed.

We are innovative

Holtmann is a future-oriented company with traditional roots. We love technology. As an industry pioneer we love trying out new things, like virtual reality. Our Holodeck gives new life to long-lost pieces of art and offers our clients the chance to view their exhibition stand even before assembly has started. Nothing makes us happier than organizing an event or building an exhibition stand that leaves guests and visitors speechless.

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We are sustainable

Environmental protection and sustainability are not yet standard in the exhibition construction industry which is unfortunate. Holtmann is at the forefront to change that. The FAMAB Association and the agency CO2OL have awarded us the title “Sustainable Company”. And with each process we carry out, we try to keep the negative impact on the environment as low as possible. As co-founders of the FAMAB Foundation we have committed ourselves to CO2 reduction and offset. For the foundation, we collect donations that were used to buy a plot of rain forest in the Mamoní Valley of Panama which is now being re-afforested. The final result will be the FAMAB forest which will absorb CO2 as part of the world’s green lung and thus will contribute to the mitigation of climate change. Claus Holtmann is co-founder and chairman of the FAMAB Foundation.

We are committed

In our home town, we don’t only focus on our business. Holtmann is a supporter of the Tafel in Langenhagen, a non-profit organization that provides groceries at low cost for the needy. Claus Holtmann is also President of the Bürgerstiftung Langenhagen, a local community foundation. The foundation organizes innovative projects for the people of Langenhagen, focusing on education, the arts and music. Charity concerts are popular events organized by the foundation and donations collected are mainly given to prevention programs for at risk youths. The foundation supports the underprivileged, the needy and marginalized groups with the goal to better society and make life worth living for everyone in Langenhagen – now and in the future. Claus Holtmann was famously quoted: “We aim to be the much needed drop of oil to get the wheels of projects and great ideas turning. This is where we want to help.”