Professional event management with expertise and creative ideas

Are you ready to impress your clients, partners or employees? Then a corporate event might be just what you need. A word of caution at the beginning: lack of planning can quickly lead to a PR disaster.

A strong partner for your perfect event

Chances for ruining your reputation are even higher if no professional event management was booked. Here’s where Holtmann comes in. We are your experienced partner for various event types like galas, symposiums or road shows. We will be at your side all the way and make sure that your participants will remember your event for a long time. We have 70 years of experience in event management, event construction and event conception as well as a large network of excellent partners. Short deadline? No problem. We’ve been on the trade fair market for quite a while and know how to meet deadlines. Finishing your event on time is our specialty.

Holistic support

Holtmann is a customer-centric business. You’re at the center of attention from the get-go. We will support you from start to finish – from scouting the proper venue to disassembling the structure after the successful event. We are known for our extraordinary quality and consulting on equal footing. Your first step on the way to a top-notch event is a meeting where you’ll be able to discuss your requirements in detail with our experts. As soon as we know what you want and how you want it, we'll enter the planning stage in which you’ll also be involved. We listen to you very closely and expertly implement your wishes. Let our experienced designers and organizers inspire you and make your event the talk of the town!

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Our event management staff will be able to help you with these types of events

Corporate Events
General annual shareholder meetings
Management conferences
Anniversary celebrations
Launch events
Sponsoring events
Indoor & outdoor events
In-house events
Product presentations

You’re looking for an ideal partner to plan a corporate event for your company?

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Turn your event into an experience with great event concepts

Exceed your guests’ expectations

What makes an event outstanding and how can you leave a long lasting impression on your guests? The answer lies within a sophisticated event concept. It’s your road map to success and it consists of your goals and the expectations of your clients and participants. The concept is the foundation for impressive experiences. By the way… you should always aim to exceed expectations instead of just meeting them. When drawing up the event concept, we determine the goals that you want to achieve with your function and then develop a strategy to reach them. This stage also comprises determining everyone who will be involved in the function and their responsibilities. The concept also contains key data like location, conditions or budget. Picture it as the creative guide that is used to plan, implement and post-process.

Concepts that work.

Yes, planning, organizing and implementing the event concept is a lot of work. But a well-thought-out concept will make your life much easier on the day of. Obviously, the scope of preparation will differ depending on what type of event you’re planning to hold. A small cocktail party for a small number of investors requires much less preparation work than a summer bash for all employees and their families. This shows that depending on the planning intensity of your function you'll have to factor in time for drawing up a concept. We’ll be working closely with you when planning your ideal event to impress your audience. We are a customer-centric company. We are also consulting experts and you can rest assured that we will make your wishes come true. Be prepared to thoroughly wow your participants. We are reliable and flexible: your perfect partner for your perfect occasion.

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Event planning – the devil is in the details

Turning your ideas into a masterpiece

Organizing a top event is a bit like juggling many plates. Not every company has their own event management department in-house. That’s usually when all the challenges suddenly seem to hit at once. There is so much to consider, like the perfect venue, the guest list, music or catering. Holtmann is happy to help with your event planning. Your ideas are what gets us going and our considerable expertise is our tool to make them reality. We’re happy to help you get your message across to your participants exactly the way you intended. Our unrivaled experience in organizing events and our broad network of partners will turn your ideas into a masterpiece. We’ll draw up a tailored event concept for your function whether it’s a road show with 20 stops or a reasonably straightforward management conference.

Leave the details to us

There are plenty of items to consider when you’re hosting the perfect party. It all starts with finding the proper format. Then aspects like location scouting and finding a time and date come into play. Many venues are booked months in advance. When choosing a location you should also make sure that it has a sufficient number of seats for all your guests. Obviously, guests have to be invited and fed on the day of. Maybe your venue even offers catering? Next up: entertainment. Would you like a DJ to perform or do you prefer a string quartet? Feel free to discuss any and all of your ideas and wishes with your reliable team here at Holtmann. We’ll make sure to answer all your questions and we’ll implement your ideas with your budget in mind. Leave it to us to come up with a solid plan, coordinate all service providers, document your project and control the budget. We’re your one-stop-shop for all services so you can focus on your work routine instead of becoming a party planner.

Event logistics – when, how many, where to?

Trust us when we tell you that there are few things as important as logistics. You invited 1,000 people to a charity benefit at the park and your service provider didn’t bring any chairs? The DJ is booked but shows up with only his laptop in hand and the sound system is still safely on your company premises? If these little scenarios made you sweat bullets, you’re much better of trusting a strong partner like Holtmann. We’ll take care of the entire event logistics, setup and breakdown. Plus, we offer storage for your event furniture so you can reuse it without having it clutter up your basement.

Event construction – every task imaginable, handled by a pro

Regardless of the type of function you’re planning or how your brand should be staged: we are your perfect partner and will handle everything in the background. We’ll provide furniture with your branding, set up stages and make sure your signage is easy to understand. Our expert team can work with various materials and due to our profound experience in event construction, we’re able to make your decoration wishes come true in almost any shape, size, color or finish.

Once you’ve given us the go, we’ll assign you a dedicated project manager who will be there for you each step of the way. They will also coordinate all service providers and contractors.