Conferences that simply work

When you’re looking to exchange expert opinions or discuss certain topics regularly, a conference could be what you need.

The perfect place for knowledge exchange or decision making

Conferences are held when members of an organization don’t all work in the same place or experts from a certain industry gather. The participants might come from various regions or countries. The goals behind holding conferences can vary. There are conferences for problem solving or decision making, some are held to present new ideas or to develop cooperations. They take place in all sectors: from politics to science to business.

Top notch conference organization

Whether you’re planning a medical congress or an international realtor meeting, all events have one thing in common: there’s a lot to organize. Holtmann is your specialist for company events and conferences with style. We’ll help you with all necessary organizational steps for your conference, be it a meeting of all sales representatives in your company or a gathering of upper management. We’re your strong partner for all aspects of planning, from location scouting to multi-language interpretation. We’ll make sure that your participants can convene comfortably and productively so you can reach the goal of your conference easily.

A sense of community for your conference

It is important to settle on shared values and messages when hosting a conference. One way to achieve this is by using a consistent design and including all participants, especially with regards to multilingualism. Usually workshops or breakout sessions are part of a conference. You’ll need excellent signage at your venue and details in the info package. When you trust us with your organization, we’ll come up with a suitable concept together with you so we can strengthen the community spirit with a creative spark.

We’ll take care of all the noise

While you’re busy preparing the content, topics and maybe even speeches of your conference, we’ll take care of all the tiny steps that are necessary for a successful event like choosing a venue, managing participants, design and technical implementation. We have a large team of experts in-house as well as a broad network of partners that you can fully rely on. You can trust that in our hands your conference will be a great success which will stay top-of-mind with your participants.

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These are the services we offer for your conference

Organization-related items:

  • Consulting, concept creation
  • Scheduling
  • Coordination of service providers and partners
  • Accreditation
  • Entertainment
  • Invitation/organization of guest speakers
  • Workshop organization
  • Social Media/Advertising
  • Website/app/documentation management
  • Branding
  • Creation of guides

Venue-related items:

  • Location scouting
  • Furniture
  • Catering
  • Logistics
  • Stage set-up
  • Decoration

Participant-related items:

  • Invitation and participant management
  • Participant tracking
  • VIP service
  • Hotel bookings
  • Arrival and transfer management
  • Participant billing
  • Analysis/surveys/feedback collection of participants (after/during event)
  • Help desk at venue

Technology and service-related items:

  • Organization of interpreters and technology, hostesses and security services
  • Sustainability/CSR
  • Documentation (photo/video)
  • Presentation technology