What is a roadshow and what can you achieve with it?

A roadshow is a mobile marketing effort where new products can be presented or image campaigns for companies can be carried out at various locations.

Companies move from town to town to present their new products to a large audience. In order to reach a major audience, promotional areas are used. Roadshows increase brand awareness and can be very effective – if executed perfectly. They are supposed to be fun for both participants and the company. That’s why companies pull out all the stops with inspiring speakers, great food and maybe even an entertainment program. Another option to increase brand awareness even further that also gives companies the chance to engage their audience after the show is a raffle. This strengthens customer retention and entices people to offer their contact details without being too intrusive.

Roadshows must be well-organized as they come with a large logistical effort. It makes sense to outsource the planning to a company with experience. Holtmann will listen to your ideas and wishes and will then implement your roadshow concept professionally. That means you can spend your time focusing on your messaging so you can reach your audience just the right way.

Finding new clients on the road

Roadshow marketing is an ideal tool for the introduction of a new product at scale or to attract a new audience. On the road, you get to engage with your prospects one on one which gives you the chance to collect valuable feedback. At the same time, your salespeople will be able to nurture your leads and clients in person. Prospects will be able to experience your brand live and in color which is quite special and can rarely be achieved with conventional marketing measures. Roadshows take advantage of the emotional factor which will keep you top-of-mind with your prospects.

By the way, did you know that roadshows can be used for B2B marketing as well? Plus, your marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be for products. You can invite an expert audience to strengthen your role as an industry thought leader. Another option would be to gather a group of investors or business partners to impress them with a roadshow presentation. In the United States, going on a pre-IPO roadshow is quite common. The goal is to maximize stock purchases.

Your ideal roadshow concept

For a roadshow to succeed, strong organizational skills are needed in the background. This is because we basically deal with several individual events. The topic and design won’t change, but the location will. Your goal should be to impress the last city of the tour just as much as the first one. That means that you’ll need a well-thought-out concept. These marketing events are all about customer experience which is why it’s important to develop the roadshow concept from the view point of the audience.

Perfect implementation by experts

From audience analysis to the design of your promotional stand and the final debriefing: Holtmann is your one-stop-shop. We’ll carefully listen to your ideas and involve you deeply in each planning step. You can trust us knowing Holtmann has many years of experience and a strong network of partners. Each project gets a dedicated project manager who will coordinate every aspect of the show for you and is always happy to answer your questions.

As soon as the creative roadshow concept has been drawn up, we’ll get to the implementation: We’ll plan routes, order equipment, book hotel rooms and additional personnel like hostesses. You’ll get an update for each step and if there’s a last minute change, we’ll be happy to work it in for you. Choose Holtmann as your expert partner to organize and implement your unique roadshow which will leave a lasting impression on your clients.