A professional and effective trade fair presence

Trade fairs are high-impact marketing events. If you have ever thought about whether participating at a trade fair to represent your company could be worthwhile, then please continue reading and convince yourself.

Optimize your marketing mix by presenting at a trade fair

At a trade fair you can present new products or services to a large professional audience in a way that is easy for them to grasp. Visitors can discover your offers live and engage with you one-on-one. This way, you can convince your prospects of the value your solutions have them in person, collect contact information and follow-up appropriately afterwards.

Despite the ongoing digitalization, trade fairs are still one of the most important marketing instruments. That is because they have some decisive advantages:

You can meet your ideal professional audience in person. And the best part: they are there out of their own free will and open for the topic of the trade fair as well as new products.

You can present your exhibits in an ideal way and introduce prospects to new products and a large-scale.

Furthermore, you can achieve additional lead generation with special activities like raffles or newsletter sign-ups.

Trade fair presence – additional advantages

Finding new leads

At a trade fair, you can collect contact info of interested professionals and afterwards generate new clients by nurturing your leads. Trade fairs are great for lead generation. That’s because you can get in touch with the visitors who are already interested in your products and came to your stand at their own will to convince themselves of your products This is a chance you should not let slip by. Go ahead and ask your stand visitors for their contact information.

At many trade fairs, products and services aren’t only presented but also sold directly. Trade fair visitors often look for special fair discounts. Go ahead and present your products in an appealing way at your exhibition stand and generate new clients by offering smart fair discounts.

Networking and checking out your competition

Expertise and experts – at trade fairs you have the unique opportunity to take a close look at your competition and market. Trade shows are a great meet and greet opportunity for your industry with plenty of competitors around. This gives you the great chance to assess your competitors and find out how their offer differs from yours. As a result, you will have a proper and current impression of your market which enables you to strengthen your own positioning. Furthermore, you can see right away if there are upcoming trends. Plus, you can determine if there are potential partnerships with your competition. For some industries, trade fair participation is a must to be taken seriously as a supplier.

Your trade fair presence will also strengthen the foundation of trust with your clients. Visitors can meet their suppliers and service providers in person and experience the newest products live in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Your perfect trade fair presence with Holtmann at your side

Holtmann is your strong partner with decades of experience when it comes to exhibition construction. We are perfectly suited to design exhibition stands with class and style for companies of all sizes. We have our own team at various locations as well as comprehensive network of partners.

We love our clients: From the very first minute, you are at the center of attention. Our detailed consultation takes place at eye level and we will support you whichever way we can in the various phases of your exhibition participation. Whether you are new to trade fairs or a seasoned pro, we’ll figure out where you stand and make sure that your trade fair will become a complete success. There is a very slim chance that your fair trade project will be just like any other. That’s why we don’t use a cookie-cutter method but look at each detail individually. Once you decide to hire us as your partner, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be happy to answer any and all of your questions. The project teams are put together according to the necessary expertise for each new project.

You’re looking for an ideal partner to design and implement an appealing exhibition stand for your company?

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Holtmann can support you globally for your trade fair presentation. You can find us here:

Hanover, Germany

Nuremberg, Germany

Milan, Italy

Paris, France

Barcelona, Spain

Athens, Greece

Moscow, Russia

Istanbul, Turkey

Atlanta, GA, USA

New York, NY, USA

Toronto, Canada

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dubai, UAE

Johannesburg, South Africa

New Delhi, India

Shanghai, China

Hong Kong, China


Perth, Australia

Customer-centric trade fair consulting

No two exhibitions are alike. So naturally, this rings true for your individual trade fair participation. Each project requires plenty of consulting work. Holtmann has a customer-first approach which makes us your ideal partner. We will listen to your thoughts and concerns with great attention to detail and only if we know what you want we start the planning process. It is your marketing presentation after all and it will will be seen by a professional audience. Everything will have to work according to your requirements. Our concepts are anything but “off the rack”. Every trade show presence needs careful planning and design and you will be involved each step of the way.

You can rely on us because we aim for a trusted and close relationship with our clients from the very first consulting to the final accounting steps. As we have many years of experience we know how important scheduling is in the trade fair business and our motivated team is able to adhere to very short deadlines. We’ll take a load off your shoulders – from planning to implementation to post-processing of your trade show presence. Trust Holtmann as your strong partner.

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We’ll take a load off your shoulders – from planning to implementation to post-processing of your trade show presence. Trust Holtmann as your strong partner.

Trade show participation with a focus on future and the environment

Holtmann has been awarded the certificate “Sustainable Company” by the FAMAB Association of the Communication Industry and the climate protection agency CO₂OL. Furthermore, Holtmann is a co-founder of the FAMAB Foundation which is dedicated to achieving sustainability in the communication industry. We are committed to environmental protection and can offer you to implement your projects sustainably and with no negative impact on our climate.

In addition, we offer technology that enables us to determine whether your exhibition stand needs changes without having used any material at all. This is a cost-saving measure that is also easy on the environments and offers maximum flexibility for you.