Expert brand staging for your company

Successful brand staging has a strong emotional aspect to it. And great storytelling of your message will attract your clients like magic.

Focus on the audience

Your brand should be presented in an open and friendly way towards your visitors at the exhibition stand. When it comes to brand staging, your audience should be the center of attention and they are supposed to experience your brand. Trade fairs and corporate events are usually accompanied by marketing efforts to generate awareness in advance. It is very important to create a consistent transition from advertising to the exhibition stand so that your visitors can perceive the red thread. That way you can raise awareness and stay top-of-mind with your audience.

Impress your clients

When you’re working on communicating your brand to a live audience, visitors at your exhibition stand and event participants should be able to experience it and be impressed. Your planning should be holistic and it’s important to start conceptualizing early on. We at Holtmann are experts for brand staging and know how to inspire an audience. We have 70 years of experience in trade fairs and events, so we’ve seen many trends come and go. We are able to sense the newest trends and can implement them innovatively.

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Brand staging and live communication

Brand staging is a bit of an abstract term which mainly brings to mind high efforts and costs. Luckily, that’s not entirely true. Even with a lower budget it’s possible to tell great stories. All you need is a good idea, a fitting strategy and professional implementation. The most important factor is the customer experience. If you are able to take your stand visitors on a journey through your world of brands and are able to tell your story excellently, there is no need for gigantic budgets. So focus on your target audience because these are the people you’re aiming to impress.

Oh, the senses

Maybe you’ve been there before: You’re walking past the building and suddenly there’s a smell that catapults you back in time into your grandma’s kitchen tasting her wonderful cookies. We humans perceive our world with each and every one of our senses.

We can see, hear, hopefully touch, maybe even smell and taste an excellent exhibition stand and its brand. Combining several sensory “ingredients” will make your experience more intense. When we realize our brand communication for multiple senses we take advantage of our bodies’ ability to associate things. This is how your brand staging will be stay in your visitors’ mind.

Holtmann has 70 years of experience in live communication at trade fairs and events. We are your strong partner who will shed the perfect light on your brand. We will make sure that the red thread of your corporate identity will be noticeable in your exhibition stand and events. Plus, we’ll guarantee that all elements will be consistent. Hire us if you want your exhibition stand to be a multi-sensory experience.

Make a lasting impression

Your exhibition stand is supposed to attract visitors, make them smile and let them leave with a positive emotion. Your brand will stay top-of-mind when you can offer your visitors something special. With an intelligent trade fair concept and professional design you’ll be well on your way.

Brand staging: Holtmann’s process

The most important element of our process is listening to our clients and understanding their requirements. After that we advise them on equal footing. We will discuss your wishes and requirements, talk about your corporate identity and target audience as well as your budget.

Using VR for perfect results

Approaching your project on a level playing field is what we always aim for. For us, it is important to form a long-term partnership with our clients. We don’t rush anything in the process and make sure that you can always reach us. After our first talks, we will draw up a concept for your brand staging and once you give us the go, will start implementing professionally.

For an additional fee, you can use our VR technology Holodeck to see your draft before it has been realized. That way, changes can be implemented flexibly and you will get a feel for what your standard will look like. Were looking forward to stage your brand.