Exhibition construction with tradition and innovation

Trust in Holtmann to create and implement your outstanding trade fair participation. We are your strong partner for exhibition construction with expertise and 70 years of experience.

Participating in a trade fair is an extraordinary marketing effort. Fairs offer enormous potential for lead generation, client nurturing and forming partnerships with other companies. Especially when your goal is finding new clients, it is important to stand out from the crowd and raise awareness for your brand. Even companies with a more conservative approach can use bold ideas to achieve special attention.

In order to showcase your corporate identity in the right way, you will need an intelligent concept and creative design for your exhibition stand as well as skilled implementation to make sure everything is perfect and works for you. We at Holtmann know exhibition construction like no other. We have a great interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, engineers, master carpenters, installation specialists and of course experienced project managers who stay on top of everything. We promise that we will always listen to your thoughts and ideas so we can create a unique concept that works for you. We have a customer-first approach which means that your requirements are at the center of each concept. Together we can come up with a perfect and budget-friendly, innovative exhibition stand which will attract your audience like no other.

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Everything from one source

From the first sketch to the debriefing package, you only have one partner who takes care of everything. You deliver the input and we’ll carry out all the work. Over the last decades, we have been able to gather in-depth knowledge about materials and their purpose of application. This is especially beneficial for our clients as we can realize nearly any unusual form or color. Regardless whether you would like a classic stand with a reception desk and two seating areas or an impressive design with all the bells and whistles – we are open for your ideas and have the technical skills to implement them.

Our first step is to determine your goals for the trade fair participation. Afterwards, we analyze your target audience and their expectations. We then scope out your ideas and due to our vast experience we can tell you quickly what can be achieved and what needs alteration. This kicks off the first draft phase. If you want to see your exhibition construction concept in advance, you can opt for our Holodeck technology. For an extra fee you can experience your exhibition stand before construction starts. This virtual-reality solution makes Holtmann unique partner. It gives you the chance to see your design live and make alterations if necessary.

Once you approve the proposed concept, our team of experts starts assembly of your stand on the fairground. Needless to say, we take care of disassembly, disposal and if needed storage of reusable parts. Finally, you will receive a debriefing package from our skilled team.

Exhibition construction – what options are there?

Individual exhibition construction: everything is custom-built.

When constructing an individual exhibition stand everything the client wants can be implemented. This option includes customized furniture and construction elements which makes it more expensive. It is, however, 100% individualized and unique.

Modular exhibition construction: ready-made system parts and furniture.

Individual modules of one system are arranged to form the stand. This option is cheaper, as elements of the modular exhibition stand can be reused.

Mixed forms: a combination of custom-built parts and modules.

The benefits of both systems come together in this option which makes it cheaper than the all-custom version.

Individual exhibition construction: everything is custom-built.

If a company has a large enough budget for their exhibition stand they usually opt for an individual booth. There’s plenty of creative freedom and room for individualism. The brand can be presented in a personalized way. As many customized elements need to be made by carpenters and metal workers, individual exhibition construction tends to be more expensive. The assembly at the fairground also needs to be carried out by trained professionals, adding to the cost. If you’re looking to showcase your company in the best possible light and want to stand out from all of your competitors, individual exhibition construction is probably your best choice. A custom-built reception desk crafted by an expert woodworker in exactly your corporate design will look much more professional in your visitors’ eyes than the standard bar that twenty other exhibitors have also rented from the fairground.

Modular exhibition construction – “off-the-shelf” at a fair price

Modular exhibition stands are a good option for budget-conscious exhibitors. If, for example, you’re showcasing at a trade fair for the very first time and I have no way of telling if it’s going to be worth your while, such a stand can be your ideal solution. A modular exhibition stand is usually significantly cheaper than an individual one. However, modular does not mean that no personalization is possible. Our system stands by Mesomondo – a Holtmann brand – can be customized with your logo and graphic elements on furniture pieces and by using media technology. Assembly and disassembly of system stands is quicker and the stands can be used several times. Mesomondo offers various high quality exhibition stands at a great value.