Sophisticated exhibition design with a creative twist

Your exhibition design is meant to set the scene for your brand and turn your trade fair participation into a success.
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Innovative trade fair concepts and distinctive exhibition design

We at Holtmann love a good challenge and we combine our experience with our passion for all things creative. Every exhibition stand is unique and that really gets us fired up. Our experienced team will make sure that your brand is at the center of attention and that your corporate identity is well-reflected. We only go off your wishes and requirements so you can achieve any and all goals you set for your trade fair participation.

Your brand identity in the spotlight

Trade fairs are highly effective but also particular marketing instruments. Due to the temporary format, even conservative brands can go a little wild. Modesty and low profiles take the back seat. Communication can be “louder”. Trade fairs are ideal testing grounds to try out trends and showcase your brand from its best side.

Exhibition design should represent your brand identity completely while at the same time being so appealing to your visitors that they feel drawn to your booth. Holtmann has many years of experience when it comes to creating concepts and designs for exhibition stands. We are a customer-centric company and you can rest assured that we will realize your project the way you imagined it. We thoroughly listen to you and involve you in each design phase. Furthermore, we make sure that your exhibition stand attracts all the attention and has an inviting feel to it, for example by adding comfortable seating which is important at trade fairs.

Modern booth concepts with a cool design

When you think about the basic function of an exhibition stand, you will quickly realize that it’s all about attracting as many relevant visitors as possible. That’s why it’s important to design the exhibition stand with a strong booth concept. This will make your fair trade presence an eye-catcher and provides the most important information. Your requirements and wishes for the design are central for the concept. Holtmann focuses solely on your goals for the trade fair and your corporate identity. Together we will come up with an ideal concept and plenty of strategies how you can reach your audience with your exhibition stand. Once we have developed a perfect booth concept, we will gladly implement the design for you. We have 70 years of experience in exhibition construction and know many of the trade fair locations by heart.

Your expertly crafted booth design

We create your trade fair concept and design following best practices. First, we carry out a needs assessment in which we determine which goals you have for your fair trade presence, what your corporate design looks like and how large or small your budget is. Once you hire us as your contractor, you will be assigned a dedicated contact person who will support you along the way and answer your questions regarding booth design. It is important to us to avoid gaps in communication and unnecessary rounds of corrections. That’s why we support you from start to finish. We listen to you very closely and expertly implement your wishes.

Our team of professionals has many years of experience. They are designers, architects and of course expert assemblers. We are dedicated to making your exhibition stand an ideal representation of your brand. Your satisfaction and trade fair success is what drives us.

The Holodeck: See your exhibition stand concept and design before it’s built

Our innovative technology makes it possible for you to see your exhibition stand before the trade fair is even opened. This way, you can determine what the impact of your booth design will be and how your product and brand staging is perceived. Our virtual reality solution Holodeck gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the design and experience it exactly the way it’ll look at the fair. The benefits are obvious: You can see right away if your booth looks the way you want to look. If changes are needed, like different colors or furniture items, they can easily be arranged.

With the Holodeck, every environment can be displayed in detail. You can walk into your booth and examine it thoroughly. It gives you a chance to look at all objects, furniture, walls and your exhibits to see if any alterations are needed. The Holodeck display looks very real and since you can walk through your virtual exhibition stand you’ll get the feeling that you are actually in it.