Stress-free exhibition planning by Holtmann

When planning a trade show participation, there are quite a few things to keep in mind and the path to a successful implementation can be long and winding – especially for newcomers.
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Our exhibition planning services

So you've decided to participate in a trade show … now what? You might be asking yourself which steps are required for exhibition planning. Maybe you’re wondering: Where do I get an exhibition stand? How much does it cost? Which technology is needed? When do I need to start preparing? Soon you might be positively dizzy from all the unanswered questions. But fear not, we’re here for you. Holtmann is your experienced partner for all things trade fairs. We support trade fair newcomers as well as seasoned pros with expert exhibition planning and make sure that your trade show presence becomes a huge success.

Consultation on equal footing

When you hire Holtmann, you’re securing support with plenty of experience. We know the industry and can quickly determine which trade fairs are worth your while. Our advice is based on your requirements. We’d love to support you with these aspects of trade fair organization:

  • Choosing the appropriate trade show (depending on industry, target audience, budget etc.)
  • Consultation about concept/design for your exhibition stand
  • Advice about appropriate budget
  • Trade fair logistics and trade fair construction
  • Advice about additional marketing/advertising efforts that make sense
  • Content and media consultation

Expert planning

Trade fairs are very effective marketing efforts. However, you’ll need well-thought-out exhibition planning as participating in a trade show is a complex affair. Your company will face plenty of planning steps and it won’t take long until someone forgets something and suddenly everything goes pear-shaped. Aspects to be organized are the participation itself, including renting a space and of course lining up your exhibition stand which is not provided by the fair itself. For your exhibition stand, you’ll need a design, exhibits and their presentation, provisioning of your staff, fair construction (assembly and disassembly), logistics etc. Oftentimes, several business units are involved in the trade fair participation which requires lots of communication and focus.

When planning your trade fair participation, you should aim for precision. After all, you’ve set goals that you want to achieve. All your plans for the trade fair should focus around those goals. Are you planning to only present your products or are you going to sell them? Would you like to mainly generate leads or build partnerships within your industry? These aspects should be cleared up beforehand, otherwise it will be harder to determine whether your trade fair participation was a success or not.

Trade fair logistics that make sense

Logistics basically means getting the right object to the right place at the right time. Holtmann offers tailored trade fair logistics to make sure your exhibition is a success – in Germany or internationally.

Our strong team makes sure everything runs smoothly in the background so you can focus on reaching your goals. Depending on where your trade show takes place, there are several aspects to keep in mind. With Holtmann, you’re trusting an experienced partner who is familiar with many a fairground and knows what to consider.

Trade shows run on tight schedules. While the previous fair is being broken down, trucks are arriving for the set up of the next. It’s of utmost important to find a service provider who is well-versed in these schedules and knows which component goes where and when.

When all elements are delivered, the exhibition stand is erected. It’s worth noting that space is a constricting challenge as all exhibitors assemble their stands at the same time. When you trust Holtmann’s expert team, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.

After your successful participation, you’ll go back to your office with many new contacts, ideas and that great feeling of accomplishment. At the same time, we’ll break down your stand, put re-usable parts in storage and dispose of elements that are single-use.

Checklist for exhibition planning

There are many aspects to consider when planning a successful trade fair participation. To keep an overview of everything, we have come up with a checklist for exhibition planning. You can use this list to make your life a bit easier and to stay on top of things. Keep in mind, this is a general list. When you hire Holtmann, you’ll naturally receive a tailored solution that works for your company and trade show. We expertly and creatively advise you and are looking forward to a cooperation with you.
  1. Define trade fair goals – finding new clients, nurturing existing clients, penetrating new markets, finding business partners, presenting new products, checking out your competition and your positioning, PR…
  2. Choose fitting trade fair – depending on industry and goals
  3. Draw up budget
  4. Determine exhibits to calculate required floor space
  5. Determine size of exhibition stand
  6. Register for trade fair
  7. Hire exhibition construction company for booth
  8. Discuss details with exhibition construction company
  9. Commission concept and design for trade fair
  10. Order printed materials, giveaways, press folders etc.
  11. Place advertising – depending on industry: online, social media, specialist journals, newspapers
  12. Organize transport of exhibits
  13. Invite regular clients
  14. Send press folder to fairground for distribution
  15. Organize catering
  16. Take over and give approval for exhibition stand
  17. Furnish booth with exhibits
  18. After the trade fair: Calculate metrics, determine if goals were achieved, collect feedback from staff at fair and process information for the next fair